Urinating with Al Gore

Al Gore had just handed us (Digg) a term sheet for a 40 million dollar cash and stock acquisition by his company Current TV. It was the first time that Digg had a solid, ink on paper, offer on the table.

We were in the middle of discussing what the combined entity would look like and decided to take a 15 minute break. With butterflies in my stomach I headed to the bathroom for a quick nature break. After a deep exhale I proceeded to get on with business. At that time the door opened and Al Gore took the position next to me. You can act like you’d have a different reaction, but the first thing that entered my mind was “OMG I’m pissing next to Al Gore”. He began to make small talk and then I noticed something extremely awkward, I couldn’t get the stream going, too nervous... AHHH, a few coughs and some fake shakes and I headed back to the meeting. For the next hour I sat in agony as my bladder was beyond capacity. Good times.. :)

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