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What I Learned About Myself on June 15th 1994

Gary Vaynerchuk
May 28, 2013 · 2 min read

For as long as I can remember, I’ve followed four teams in the New York Metro area: The Knicks, The Rangers, The Jets, and The Yankees. Being a die-hard fan since the first grade, I had many, many terrible, sad endings to seasons.

I don’t like stuff.

There I was, senior year, not having tasted the fruits of a major championship. While many of my friends were still basking in the glory of 1986 when both the Giants and the Mets had won, I was sitting there with zero rings in my life.

I don’t like smelling the roses.

My New York Rangers battled hard for decades, failing to secure a championship, but that all changed in 1994. Their hard work finally paid off on the evening of June 14th as I sat in the stadium. I can still remember roof literally coming off the building that night at Madison Square Garden as the Rangers won their first Stanley cup since 1940.

I like the climb.

The next morning I woke up and something strange happened. I realized right then and there, just as I was waking up, that I would never watch another New York Rangers game. This would repeat itself again in 1996 as Charlie Hayes caught that ball on the third-base line, securing the Yankees their first championship for me.

I like the battle.

I’ve now come to realize as I get older that I don’t like stuff. I don’t like smelling the roses. I like the climb. I like the battle. I like the losing. I like the perseverance. For many people buying the watch, or the home, or the yacht after an exit or an IPO is the end game. But for me, It’s just a reset. It changes the game, and then I move on.

I like the losing.

Knowing one’s self is extremely important. And I’ve gotten to know myself quite well. Once VaynerMedia reaches the pinnacle of what an agency can do with social content (which I hope will take many years since I’m loving my work with VM so much right now), I’ll be moving on looking for the next team; looking for the next sport. It’s just how I’m wired.

I like the perseverance.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and social media trailblazer. You can find out more at and follow him on Twitter: @garyvee.

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