This is something. I and me and myself and you and us and them and it and she and he and they and all.

There is relating.

The sunshine wind grain pizza oven. Is there any of it? Let the costume do the work for you. Store it somewhere. Too much noise in the signal.

The way is not a thing. The course is becoming a thing and returning to nothing. The course is coming and going. The course is arriving and departing.

There is no leaving the way, the way is leaving and returning and going somewhere else.

Does the way resist anything? Is that a way of it going? And then letting go, and accepting.

I am the light and the way. So they say.



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I am mjboyce, author of 2 novels: Monkey & Anderson (Pedlar Press). Working on my 3rd novel & a book of poetry (sort of). I also make photos & music.