Every bath has its day. The sunshine shone clearly without mischief today. I got the wordle in 3. All is right with the world. Bob Dylan has been recorded, and we can all listen. I like his book. Anyone can read it anytime, anywhere, starting where they like. Sometimes drinking makes it better too, you know.
What is a paragraph? A look or a feeling. Metal gleaming light reflections. Mirror understanding consequence a dot a falling down day a flower suddenly in bloom welcoming like not everything is awful all the time but sometimes at a certain time for sure as though it meant something. Like as if someone would read it and get into it. As if. Oh oh here comes the fucking spin cycle again.



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I am mjboyce, author of 2 novels: Monkey & Anderson (Pedlar Press). Working on my 3rd novel & a book of poetry (sort of). I also make photos & music.