all that i am saying. in the door. and the lesson learnt the coffee burnt the taste of it ok still. every word follows every other word and you might think you know the first one. dad. mom. that. what. the sounds cadence is the meaning too you know. listen and the wind is like as if it’s saying something. but it’s not. it’s the ones who are moving who are saying something with it by it from it. there’s the order that comes out. there’s the order that you make of it. as if it’s better in some way. is it though. or is it only some hypnosis you are trying to perform. maybe it is better to keep them all awake.
let’s pretend you want to read and not only just be noticed by someone to confirm that you exist and you have an identity.
there are connections. and you can discover them. what does it all mean?
overture a gesture made and breathing like you mean it. this is for the gods and goddesses of everything. i’m making it for them by them because of them.
take care the mystery of misery loves company to laugh it all away. since i know who this is for and i know that they will get it i’m allowed to do it how i like.



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I am mjboyce, author of 2 novels: Monkey & Anderson (Pedlar Press). Working on my 3rd novel & a book of poetry (sort of). I also make photos & music.