We felt Jelly as a race on July 20th, 1969 at 20:18 UTC.

We are a products company

We pride ourselves in supporting researchers at the most nascent stage of the idea. There will be a place online where all science starts, we want to be that place.

While we continue to support established scientists, our real intention is to grow new scientists. We believe the best way to grow new scientists is to show non scientists how scientists science.

In Spring of 2013, Lab Notes was our first shot at showing the world how scientists science. Lab Notes was our early attempt at capturing Jelly and delivering it across the internet. To date the community has published 6,569 Lab Notes.

Jelly is the collective feeling of a shared moment of discovery. Some refer to it as the “Aha!” moment or the “Eureka!” moment. We feel there isn’t an English word that describes this feeling well, so we called it Jelly.

We felt Jelly as a race on July 20th, 1969 at 20:18 UTC:

We felt it again five years ago:

We need more Jelly in the world. Our promise to the community is to enable real scientists to deliver this feeling to you in real time as the science happens. We are a products company that supports the delivery of Jelly in its most raw form. We want you in the passengers seat.

As scientists ourselves we felt Jelly daily. We felt Jelly electroporating DNA into bacteria. We felt Jelly climbing up bluffs with nothing but a bug net and a jar of ethyl acetate in search of bumble bees. We felt Jelly standing in organic chemistry lab realizing most compounds on our planet can be constructed by one human in one lab.

Jelly makes us feel small. It reminds us how much remains unknown. It inspires us to explore. It gives us the optimism to search for the truth. It gives us a reason to live for the unanswered questions.

We want to live in a world where anyone can science. To get there, we need to grow the club. We need academics to openly share how they science.

We need scientists to step up and have the courage to do what is best for science. Show the world how scientists science.

Our promise to you is we will continue to build products that make it easy for scientists to show how they science. We will make it easy for you to share your sliver of science.

We are a products company. Today we take one small step forward and reveal Milestones.

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