How to surround yourself with generous people

I met these guys and much more during my vacation in the most beautiful country i have ever experienced.From left (Cris from Canada, Dan from UK and Bruno y Ricardo)

This series documents my journey as we build the worlds first water giving apparel brand. It all started with the movie The True Cost where i discovered that up to 2700L of water is needed to produce one cotton shirt. Shortly after this i made a decision to make people aware of this stupidity that is killing our planet and the people. See the beginning here — → START

Todays episode is an exceptional one. I dedicate it to the people of portugal and my 5th visit to this wonderful Country. I now understand that I am doing all my projects based on one thing only, namely CONNECTION.

In every part of our lives we need somebody to take care of us, whom we could talk to or just spent time with. 
It is crucial for our health and social Life to do so. Unfortunately more and more societies are incapable of that. We let mistrust, hate, anger and sadness take control of our minds and hearts. What unfolds is a society that doesn’t care anymore and one that is scared of change. You will find those people mostly in country’s with strict regulations, rules and deep rooted industrialism.

Interactions are the core of our universe. Nothing is more beautiful and enjoyable as meeting new people who are generous, open minded and honest. Actually we call that exact feeling love. And this Love occurs only when you trust people arround you and they’ll trust you too. They will give you the opportunity to be yourself, to let go and to start something new. It could be everything and everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about making friends or to connect. This is just the side effect. Far more important is to be honest, respectful and generous. Those things attract the right people who will give back what they received. This is what we are, what we are longing for and what we need the most during these times, especially when we start new projects, companies or movements.

Here is my quick how to ( there is no real how to..;-))

  1. Find/meet new people. If you can’t. Put yourself in an environment that forces you to do so. For example, next time choose the shared airbnb Appartements. Go to meetups or start your own. I started my own class to do it on a daly base. And it’s awesome!
  2. Connect, talk, take action! It dosen’t matter how you do it just do it. Don’t hide in your room or by playing with your phone. Start to be human again…
  3. Give more than you have. give Time, give attention, give a helping hand, give a smile, give love.
  4. Be patient and see how magic happens. Believe me, soon you’ll be addicted to it.

Muito obrigado Portugal para todos…I did it, you can too!

Thanks for reading!

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