I Believe in the Power of Possibility and the Promise in Perseverance

Nonsensical & Sporadic #3 by Evan Guerra

Come on. Say it with me. I believe in the power of possibility and the promise of perseverance. This is a newly concocted mantra I’ve been reciting for the past few weeks to muster up motivation. It will probably be replaced with a new one come Friday.

During your life the likelihood of something becoming possible is almost always determined by your level of courage. Of course in the fabric of reality certain feats are downright impossible. For example a human flying like a bird with-out the aid of any form of apparatus? Is not possible.

I’m talking about the courage to put in the necessary work in order to obtain something or an achievement you desire. The courage is the powerful aspect. A lot of different versions of yourself are possible. Versions you aspire to become. But are you willing to put in the work? Do you have the courage?

If you have the courage then you have the power.

One of the key ingredients in reaching those possibilities is the hope or promise in perseverance. Failure is inevitable in life. Having the strength to reach deep within and continue on is the next important step. Giving up is easy. But persevere and the promises of your dreams, hopes and aspirations will manifest themselves.

I promise.


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