Announcing This is HCD Sydney — Let’s start a human-centered-design movement!

Gerry Scullion
Jan 30 · 3 min read

Late in 2019, I announced on Talking Shop with Andy Polaine, Adrienne Tan and Dr. John Curran that one of the exciting new initiatives that This is HCD was working on for 2020, was focussing on enabling our global audience to connect to form deeper relationships with one and another and connect over the common goal of ‘doing good’ through opening local chapters in cities around the world.

So far we have announced Melbourne, Dublin, Berlin and now we are so excited to add — Sydney!

Interested in opening a chapter in your city? Learn more about our Chapters here.

Photo by Frans Ruiter on Unsplash

To the eagle-eyed, you will probably already have been aware that I mentioned Sydney in previous posts about new chapters. To give you some context, I created This is HCD Sydney chapter way back in 2017, when I started recording the early episodes of the podcast. At that time, we hosted breakfasts in Humana Design’s office, and record a round-table discussion. It worked really well, and the first few episodes were based around this idea!

A photo from Episode #1 with the Peter Nesic, Myself, Vera Chan, Dharawan Noller, Anthony Quinn (guest) and Kevin Chan

But with the growth and more and more cities coming on board, and with the announcement of our first conference this 2020, we are beyond excited to re-open it and connect it with the other cities around the world.

Introducing Rebekah Murphy as Sydney’s Chapter Lead

“I am delighted to be leading the Sydney Chapter of This is HCD. This community will be an incredible place for people to come together and discuss Human-Centred Design and how it can be applied in today’s world. As someone who is still learning my way through the world of design, I think it is such a fascinating and vital topic and am excited to be joining this amazing community to understand more about it!”

— Rebekah Murphy — This is HCD Sydney, Chapter Lead

About Rebekah

Rebekah has always had a keen interest in how problems were solved. Initially focusing on the business problem in consulting, then moving to team problems as a Scrum Master and now she has evolved into trying to understand and help solve people’s problems as a UX Designer.

Rebekah has a strong appreciation for bringing people along on the design journey. She understands how ‘continuous feedback’ is vital to ensure you get the design right before you can deliver the right design. Through her exposure to different industries in different roles, she believes education around Human Centred Design could help solve some of the worlds toughest problems!

Join the This is HCD Sydney Chapter

If you are interested in helping with planning and helping Rebekah get this one off the ground, either by offering a venue etc, feel free to get in touch here.

Gerry Scullion

Written by

Founder of The Human-Centered-Design Network & — Training & Education | Podcast Host @ThisisHCD. Fellowship Councillor of Ireland for

The Human Centered Design Network

This is HCD is focussed on capturing a representative voice of the industry by sharing a vision and understanding between the people who contribute to the creation of services in the world.

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