Speculative BioCities

  1. Tokyo 37.39 million residents
  2. Delhi 30.29 million residents
  3. Shanghai 27.05 million residents
  4. São Paulo 22.04 million residents
  5. Ciudad de México (Mexico City) 21.78 million residents
  6. Dhaka 21 million residents
  7. Al-Qahirah (Cairo) 20.9 million residents
  8. Beijing 20.46 million residents
  9. Mumbai (Bombay) 20.41 million residents
  10. Kinki M.M.A. (Osaka) 19.16 million residents
Concept image for the smart-city proposal of Neom, Saudi Arabia—a portmanteau of the Greek word for ‘new’ and the Arabic word for ‘future’ (Gulf Insider, 2019).
UNStudio Socio-Technical City of the Future, The Hague, Netherlands (2018).
Makoko Floating School by NLÉ architecture studio in Lagos, Nigeria (2014). Half-building, half-boat, the floating structure provides teaching facilities for the slum district of Makoko, a former fishing village in Lagos, where over 100,000 people live in houses on stilts. Prior to this the community had just one English-speaking primary school that regularly found itself under water (Dezeen, 2014)
Holes in plastic bags containing wax moth (Galleria mellonella) caterpillars tipped off researchers that the creatures can break down plastic (Nature, 2017).
Symbiome (2019)—finalist of the 2019 Biodesign Challenge at the MoMA (New York City, USA)—is a student project presented by Tria Amalia Ningsih, Jorge Mario Castillo Velasquez, Elaine Regina and Wai Yin Tat.
BioCities is an exhibition presented by Dr Ollie Cotsaftis & Team — Tria Amalia Ningsih, Jorge Mario Castillo Velasquez, Suri Adlina and Shimroth John Thomas — at the NGV Melbourne Design Week 2020. This exhibition showcased the possibilities of organic materials and bio-based technologies in the built environment.
Image from The Buzz (2020) by RMIT MDIT student Suri Adlina.



This is HCD is focussed on capturing a representative voice of the industry by sharing a vision and understanding between the people who contribute to the creation of services in the world.

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Ollie Cotsaftis

Biophilic architecture and design for circular, regenerative, and more-than-human environments 🌱🌇