Journal 112 — Anne Boleyn, Turkey’s worrying path, Russian money in the UK, a love story from Syria, and a look at the passport

Anne Boleyn aged 25, attributed to Lucas Horenbout

This week — Turkey’s worrying path, Russian money in the UK, a Syrian love story, and a look at the past, present and future of the passport. 
If you only read one thing — Longreads on Anne Boleyn is worth the time.


The New Passport-Poor | The New York Review of Books | Society

Is a passport a tool of individual freedom or state restriction and regulation? This piece looks to answer that question and examines the history of identity documentation.

Queens of Infamy: Anne Boleyn | Longreads | History

An irreverent but warm reappraisal of Anne Boleyn and “Tudor England’s big-sleeved game of thrones”.

Purges and Paranoia | The London Review of Books | Politics

A look at Erdogan’s Turkey, post-coup.

Syria, a love story | The Washington Post | Life

The story of a young couple caught up in the Syrian conflict.

How Britain let Russia hide its dirty money | The Guardian | Society

A piece looking at the influx of Russian money into the UK.


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