Journal 117 — the arms race in space, Anthony Kennedy, Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s book, life as a pro gamer & Barack Obama’s post-presidency

Ronald Reagan with the then Supreme Court Nominee, Anthony Kennedy

This week — the arms race in space, a profile of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a review of Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s joint literary outing, and life as a pro gamer.

If you only read one thing — New York Magazine on Barack Obama’s post-presidency is worth the time.


Where Is Barack Obama? | New York Magazine | Politics

A piece examining the post-presidency of Barack Obama and his engagement with his successor’s administration.

The New Arms Race Threatening to Explode in Space | Wired | Politics

As Donald Trump announces plans for a ‘Space Force’ this article explains why space is the latest area marked for conflict.

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Tolerance Is Seen in His Sacramento Roots | The New York Times | Politics

Anthony Kennedy’s recent announcement of his retirement as a Supreme Court Justice has the potential to change the direction of the court for a generation, due to his frequent role as its swing voter. This 2015 profile examines his position on same-sex marriage.

How Pro Gamers Live Now: Curfews, Personal Chefs, And All Of It On Camera | Kotaku | Society

A piece delving into the life of professional video gamers living in luxury houses with their team mates, under a rigorously managed regime delivered by an array of staff.

The Most Eligible Bachelor on the Planet | The London Review of Books | Culture

Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s thriller The President is Missing gets the London Review of Books write up it deserves.


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