Journal 120 — Rio Tinto in China, romance fiction, gene editing technology, a geological debate, and alleged Russian operative Maria Butina

An iron ore shiploader in Pilbara, Western Australia (CSIRO)

This week — Rio Tinto’s humbling experience in China, the ultra-competitive world of romance fiction, gene editing our food, and disagreements amongst geologists.

If you only read one thing — Buzzfeed on alleged Russian operative Maria Butina is worth the time.


Guns, God, And Trump: How An Accused Russian Agent Wooed US Conservatives | Buzzfeed | Politics

Russian national Maria Butina has recently been indicted on conspiracy charges in the US. She appears to have spent years cultivating contacts amongst Republican lawmakers, particularly focused around the issue of gun rights.

When Rio Tinto Met China’s Iron Hand | Bloomberg Businessweek | Business

The story of how the mining giant got badly burnt when they came up against the Chinese government.

Bad romance | The Verge | Culture

If ‘Her Cocky Doctors’ and ‘Her Cocky Firefighters’ aren’t familiar to you, you probably haven’t come across the scandal in the self-published romance novel world known as “#Cockygate”. This piece dives into the world of romance authors battling for supremacy on the Amazon e-book charts.

Crispr Can Speed Up Nature — and Change How We Grow Food | Wired | Science

A look at the advances being made in the gene editing of food and the opportunities, and challenges, created by this potentially transformative technology.

Geology’s Timekeepers Are Feuding | The Atlantic | Science

A rift in the group of geologists tasked with deciding geological eras and matching them to layers of rock raises questions about humanity’s impact on the Earth and whether we deserve our own epoch — the Anthropocene.


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