Journal 126 — equal pay and the gender pay gap, cruise ship entertainers, Italy’s tilt to the right, and Malaysia’s rejection of an infrastructure investment and Wired on the most damaging cyber-attack the world has known

The onboard Stardust theatre on the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn

The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History | Wired | Crime

A gripping read on a devastating global cyber attack that affected millions around the world and nearly wiped out the shipping giant Maersk’s entire IT operations. They survived only due to an accident of fate, and the virus went on to cause an estimated $10bn of damage worldwide.

How the BBC Women Are Working Toward Equal Pay | The New Yorker | Society

An examination of the issues of equal pay and the gender pay gap, leading with efforts by female BBC journalists to attain compensation parity with their male colleagues.

Inside the Delightfully Quirky, Absolutely Fabulous, and Utterly Exhausting World of Cruise Performers | Esquire | Life

A warm and fittingly entertaining look at the world of cruise ship entertainers.

How Matteo Salvini pulled Italy to the far right | The Guardian | Politics

A detailed look at the rise of Italy’s Interior Minister (and some say de facto leader) Matteo Salvini.

Malaysia Pushes Back Against China’s Vision | The New York Times | Politics

An analysis of China’s infrastructure investment in countries in their geo-political orbit, viewed in light of the recent decision by Malaysia to rebuff an investment over concerns that it poses risks to their political autonomy.


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