Journal 135 — Elena Ferrante, IBM, an AI Cold War brewing, a shocking murder, and a review of radicalisation across the world

An early prototype of IBM’s super-computer, Watson

This week — Elena Ferrante, IBM, an AI Cold War brewing, and a shocking murder.

If you only read one thing — Buzzfeed on democracies worldwide is worth the time.


This Is How We Radicalized The World | BuzzFeed News | Politics

As Jair Bolsonaro is elected to the Presidency of Brazil, a journalist surveys the parlous state of democracy across the world.

IBM’s Old Playbook | Stratechery | Business

A technology analyst’s examination of IBM’s business model and corporate strategy over the last two decades in light of their recent, huge, acquisition of an open source software player.

The AI Cold War That Could Doom Us All | Wired | Technology

A cold war between China and the USA in the field of AI is an uncomfortable prospect.

Elena Ferrante Stays Out of the Picture | The New York Times | Culture

The director of an upcoming HBO adaptation of the huge literary hit My Brilliant Friend speaks in this profile about working with the elusive author.

The Unsolved Murder Of An Unusual Billionaire | Bloomberg Businessweek | Crime

The story of the shocking murder of a billionaire Canadian couple that remains unexplained and unsolved.


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