Journal 136 — Oleg Deripaska, a corporate fraud in Kazakhstan, a whale hunt, data and paranoia, & integrating technology into healthcare

Atul Gawande

This week — Oleg Deripaska in Washington, a corporate fraud in Kazakhstan, a whale hunt gone wrong, and a reflection on data and paranoia.

If you only read one thing — The New Yorker on integrating technology into healthcare systems is worth the time.


The Upgrade | The New Yorker | Society

Atul Gawande writes as eloquently as ever about the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating technology into an area of society as complex as healthcare.

Two Capitals, One Russian Oligarch: How Oleg Deripaska Is Trying to Escape U.S. Sanctions | The New York Times | Politics

In 2008, there was a bit of a brouhaha when Lord Mandelson and George Osborne were revealed to have been entertained on a yacht owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska, a victor of Russia’s notoriously violent “aluminium wars” of the 1990s, is the subject of this profile, in which it is alleged he is buying influence in Washington to work around US sanctions.

A Kazakh Scam | The London Review of Books | Business

A beautifully written diary piece examining corporate malfeasance at an oilfield services provider in Kazakhstan, written from the point of view of the investigator sent to look into it. As one reader puts it, the piece is “a parable for corporate fraud anywhere”.

The Whalers’ Odyssey | The Atavist | Life

The epic travails encountered by a party of hunters from a remote Indonesian tribe that rely on sperm whale hunting for sustenance. In open sea, when a storm struck, difficult decisions needed to be made.

My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are | Wired | Life

As the author starts to write about her father’s hallucinations and paranoia about CIA surveillance, she sees parallels with a society drowning in data.


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