Journal 141 — General Electric in rough waters, Robert Mueller, Sheryl Sandberg’s image problem, Agatha Christie, and cutting edge brain technology

A sign at a Women’s March in San Francisco in 2018

This week — an analysis of General Electric, a profile of Robert Mueller, an assessment of Sheryl Sandberg’s image, and a look at the work of Agatha Christie.

If you only read one thing — The New Yorker on cutting edge technology allowing people to control machines with their brains is worth the time.


How to Control a Machine with Your Brain | The New Yorker | Science

A great story about a decades long scientific quest to create technology allowing humans to control machines with their minds. It’s also a deeply personal narrative about Jan Scheuermann, the quadriplegic woman who took great risks to be the first to test the nascent technology.

GE Powered the American Century — Then It Burned Out | Wall St Journal | Business

A fascinating, deeply reported corporate history of General Electric, the iconic company of the American Century, and its journey into rough waters.

Robert Mueller, the Master Of Silence | GQ | Politics

A look at the career of the Special Prosecutor assessing Russian influence in the 2016 US Election, and his tactical silence in his latest, and perhaps greatest, battle.

The Rise, Lean, And Fall Of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg | Buzzfeed News | Business

A profile of Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, as her public image takes a buffeting following a series of scandals.

The Case of Agatha Christie | The London Review of Books | Culture

A piece asking why Agatha Christie is, as her estate claims, the best-selling author of all time, and why writers endure. The author has this to say — “Her work is a cocktail of orderly settings and deep malignity, of comfiness and coldness, and at its heart it asks one of the most basic questions of all, modernity’s recurring preoccupation: who are you?”

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