Journal 67

“Hong Kong” by alistairas is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This week — a profile of a resurgent Steve Bannon, an account of present day Hong Kong, a look at Kazakhstan, and an interview with Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan. 
If you only read one thing — Die Zeit on the failed Turkish coup of 2016 is worth the time.


“Surrender. Or Flee!” // Die Zeit // Politics

A gripping blow-by-blow account of the failed Turkish coup attempt of 2016.

Attack, Attack, Attack // New York Magazine // Politics

After a period out in the cold, President Trump’s controversial adviser Steve Bannon is apparently back in the inner circle. The piece contains illuminating details, including the assertion that Bannon owns a portrait representing his own face on Napoleon’s body — a gift from Nigel Farage.

A Kingdom for a Horse // Virginia Quarterly Review // Society

A look at the history, culture and future of Kazakhstan anchored in an account of one of its national sports — kokpar — where teams of mounted riders compete to score goals with a goat carcass.

Once a Model City, Hong Kong Is in Trouble // New York Times // Politics

A piece positing the theory that over the 20 years since handover, Hong Kong has changed from a “model city” to a “cautionary tale”.

Christopher Nolan: ‘I’ve not fought in a war, it’s my worst nightmare to do so’ // Little White Lies // Entertainment

An interview with the successful director on the process of making his latest epic Dunkirk, his first film based on real events.

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