Journal 97

Quincy Jones at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2004

This week — Michael Lewis goes to Washington, Quincy Jones lays it all out, the politics of romance fiction, and a review of Tina Brown’s diaries. 
If you only read one thing — The New Yorker on Henry Worsley’s South Pole expeditions is worth the time.


The White Darkness // The New Yorker // Life

This powerful and moving piece tells the story of Henry Worsley’s expeditions to the South Pole. They were inspired by Ernest Shackleton, a mentor he never met, and were each a study in human endurance and fortitude.

Has Anyone Seen the President? // Bloomberg // Politics

The Moneyball and Liar’s Poker author Michael Lewis goes to Washington to ask a question, and ends up watching the State of the Union at Steve Bannon’s house.

In Conversation: Quincy Jones // Vulture // Life

Quincy Jones is fantastically indiscreet in this interview, covering everything from his relationship with the Trumps, to Michael Jackson’s alleged theft of songs and The Beatles’ lack of musical talent.

Who Gets A Happily Ever After In 2018? // Buzzfeed // Books

A look at how the romance fiction genre’s politics are evolving in the era of #MeToo and Trump.

Doing the New York Hustle // New York Review of Books // Books

Craig Brown’s review of former Vanity Fair and New Yorker Editor Tina Brown’s star-studded diaries lives firmly in the hatchet job category. It is an elegant evisceration of both a book and a way of life.


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