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Guess I Better Let Go

A short ramble of Free Writing

Forgive today’s Free Writing exercise for it is most definitely a ramble. You see, I am in the midst of making another life-altering decision (For more on my last one check out my other writings here). Doing this seems to be my M.O. these days. But, I suppose that is what happens when you leave your old life behind in pursuit of … something (Yeah, I haven’t figured that out yet either, but I know it’s something I’m pursuing. Or, at least I hope it is.)

Yesterday, I abruptly realized one stage of my journey is coming to an end. Of course, I saw this coming. A few months ago I recognized the usual creeping, crawling feeling inching its way into my consciousness. It was the same feeling that came to me several years ago while seated on my almost couch in my midtown Manhattan apartment.

It’s almost time.

I noted it then, but for the most part ignored it until a couple years later when I found myself saddled with a myriad of issues ranging from my mood and friendships, to my finances and career. Back then I waited to give that feeling a voice and that feeling made sure I learned to listen.

So now it’s time I listened.

What does all of this mean? It means a change is in the air, and although the core of me is excited to see what’s next, the head of me is FREAKING OUT.

But… if there is anything I’ve learned in this phase of my journey it’s that as long as I let go something will catch me. If I decide to hold on? Well then, I’m going to be in for one hell of a wild ride.

Guess I better let go, huh?



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