SIRUM: A Q&A With Kiah Williams

Nov 19, 2018 · 3 min read


These stories are in partnership with Uncharted and Visible.

Visible is a new innovative, and community-driven wireless carrier born out of the belief that digitally driven consumers should be met where they are — on their phones and apps. Together, we created Visible Connect as a way to support nine nonprofit startups that use mobile tech to help people in need and bring visibility to issues like domestic violence, hunger relief, and civic engagement.

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In the month of November, we want to expose the amazing humans behind the Visible Connect cohort. What better way to do that than ask them questions that dive into their lives as entrepreneurs — from what get’s them out of bed each day, to their actual morning routine.

Today, we’re sitting down with entrepreneur Kiah Williams. She is the co-founder of SIRUM, a nonprofit that connects organizations with surplus medications to patients in need.

Kiah Williams (in blue!) sitting with Uncharted’s Emily Scott

Introducing Kiah Williams, Co-Founder of SIRUM

Current location: Somewhere between Norcross, GA and Palo Alto, CA

Hometown: Philly, PA

Describe your morning routine. Greatly depends on where I’m at, but I do try to get a good spin class in a few times a week in the AM. The best workout advice I’ve ever gotten is from my former colleague, Marci, who said you can either work-out in the morning or spend the rest of the day “chasing the workout.”

Out of all the causes to get behind, why healthcare equity? Too many things to list in so little space. It’s a fundamental right. I’ve personally witnessed what can happen to a family when health is at stake. Medicine shouldn’t be wasted when millions can’t afford it. Take your pick.

Who inspires you? Skip. Too many folks to name and I know I’ll forget someone.

If you weren’t working on SIRUM, what other world problem would you want to tackle and why? I’m laser focused on SIRUM right now. When we’ve scaled nationally, come back and ask me :D

What’s the last book you’ve read or are currently reading? Last read Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. Reading Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz.

Describe a moment you’re most proud of while working at SIRUM. Not one moment. Every single day I’m proud that our team is putting patients first and working to solve a massive issue.

What’s been the most surprising aspect of the Visible Connect experience. The cohort of teams and other social entrepreneurs is incredible.

Coffee. Smartphone. Mattress. You can only choose two out of these items. Tell us which two and why. Smartphone + Decaf Coffee. I am obsessed with tech so my smartphone has to stay #teamiphone. Also, I love the ritual of coffee even though I only drink decaf. One of my personal superpowers is being able to fall asleep easily in any environment so sleeping on the floor wouldn’t be an issue.

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