Walnuts, chocolate(s) and Mozart — Valencia’s happiest cab driver

Gioseppe Exposito (right) has taken more than 2,000 selfies in the last two years. Before he started working as a taxi driver he worked on his farm where he grew oranges

Getting inside a white Toyota Prius, I am ambushed by a unique mixture of sounds: classical, elegant, and joyful melodies composed by one of music’s greatest innovator’s, Mozart, and played by one of the world’s most unique cab drivers—Gioseppe Exposito. While driving clients around Valencia, Exposito regularly cranks Mozart classics like Symphony No. 4 and No. 40.

A ride around Valencia with Gioseppe Exposito is more than a normal cruise through the city, it is a ‘happy moment.’ Here is another happy moment with Exposito and Casey O’Brien.

Exposito doesn’t mind changing it if his clients request something else, but Mozart is how he establishes the unique experience of his service.

“I have an attitude that we all need to have happy moments,” says Exposito. “With the more clients I get, the more happy I am going to be. If I can give more happy moments to the people, the better it will be for them and me.”

Once clients gieve Exposito the green light, he proceeds to the next step. Most cab drivers in the United States are preoccupied and barely communicate with their clients. Most get irritated when riders ask if they can snack on something; however, Exposito is a game changer in the world of taxi drivers.

Instead of having a pink slip and an insurance card inside his glove compartment, Exposito packs walnuts, saladitos/salt biscuits and chocolates. While he drives, his clients snack on the treats — one by one.

“When I first started as a taxi driver, I never thought that what has happened would happen,” says Exposito. “I wanted to figure out how I could do a good job attending to my clients.”

Everyday Exposito looks to make the most out of his job for both him and his clients. Offering the three treats is his unique technique. Since being a taxi driver is similar to a crap shoot, Exposito does what he can to keep his clients happy and coming back.

“Everyone from around the world that enters my cab, tell me that I am the most unique driver in the world,” says Exposito. “So I believe that I am the most unique. I am happy with everyone. When people leave my car, they leave happier.”

Exposito has only been in the taxista business for two and a half years. It didn’t take long before he built a name for himself. With his clients recognizing him as one of the most unique taxi drivers around, Exposito created a facebook page for his business which he calls “The Unique Taxi Driver.”

“In my page, there are no videos, just happy moments [selfies] with the people,” says Exposito. “It is meant to display the positive energy that I give.”

Although Exposito was born in Valencia, his father emigrated to Spain from Napoli, Italy. His father married a Valenciana/woman and eventually started a family here. Similar to the hospitality felt in an Italian kitchen, Exposito turned his Prius into a four-wheeled snicker bar.

“So I thought that if I offer these appetizers, I might get some clients who come in hungry and when I offer them the walnuts, saladitos and chocolates, they leave satisfied,” says Exposito. “Nobody else does this, nobody else has the mentality that I do and no one else is this unique.”

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