You see walking in like this is what will get you winning


What I have learnt in my short time in advertising, in a few short posts. Hopefully this will be a regular feature, if not then I was sucked in to unpredictable deadlines and crazy office parties.

When a creative director asks you “what is good?” your response should never be work, because that my friend is boring. I learnt that the hard way. Even sharing a lame Youtube video can win you the brownie points you need.

What do you need to do to stay winning?

  1. Do stuff: Read a book that can make you sound remotely interesting. Take 5 steps outside your home, breath in the fresh air, and write down what you have observed then run back inside.
  2. Write some hot topics: Write 5 things you think even sound interesting, like you saw an interesting poster and it got you thinking, then jump in to some philosophical interpretation, just do not sound like you thought too hard about it.
  3. Talk a big game: Do not down play anything. You went out for lunch? no kid, you did not just go out for lunch, you rode an elephant straight after. Rather tell a good story, and let the gods punish you later for the liar you are (I mean you are in advertising right).

Class dismissed.

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