2015 in review

’15 has been a pretty wild ride for us at Magic People Voodoo People. It’s Christmas now, and that means taking a break from work, enjoying your family and looking back, and evaluating the year that’s nearly passed.


The agency’s grown in the last year. We onboarded Michael as a partner in the spring, and Isabel joined in the beginning of summer. Cecilie and Thor joined the team in the fall, and I guess that means, that even though we’re still small, we’re also an actual agency now. Not just three people placed next to each other, but an actual agency. That feels great! Scary, but great.

Why great?

Well, it feels great, cause that’s what we set out to do. We always knew we wanted to build on the momentum we had from the get go. And we are doing just that. And I think (Michael, Isabel, Cecilie or Thor, correct me if I’m wrong) we’ve managed to grow without compromising any of our core philosophies. It still feels free, fun and interesting to go to work. We are still having fun. And we still drive on trust and intuition. And passion.

Why scary?

Scary, cause everything was so easy, when it was just Søren and I. We go waaaaayyyy back, so we hardly ever had to speak, to know how each other felt. Now, we need to keep the lines of communication open. To embrace vulnerability, and to take care of each other in a completely different way. That’s super challenging, but I guess it’s also part of growing up, and I feel like that is just what we are doing now.

Why the growth?

We’ve grown mainly cause our client base has. We are fortunate enough to work with the likes of B&O PLAY, TV2, Greenpeace, Boligsiden, Coop, Hus Forbi, AIAIAI, Phase One, Henning Larsen Architects and others. You simply cannot do all that if there’s just two of you at the office. So a huge thanks goes out to our lovely clients, that push us to do good work, and develop the agency into something bigger and better every single day.

What next?

Who knows? We’ve never had a plan. We’ve just done the things we couldn’t help doing. Cause we love it. If I have a say in it (and I do), we’ll keep doing just that. Following our hearts, and insisting on keeping ambitions high in the projects we take on. And, well… we will most likely have some announcements in the first half of ’16, but let’s keep those on the down low for now.

On a personal note

This shit is hard. The responsibility is sometimes staggering, and the mere fact of not only having to provide for yourself, but have a bunch of people relying on you is enough to keep you up at night. Luckily, I mostly sleep like a baby, thanks to these people:

My family. The greatest family on the face of this wonderful planet. There is no way in hell, I could have embarked of this journey without the support of those closest to me. Specifically you, Louise. Wow. You are a rock, and an inspiration. I love you!

My partners in crime (Søren & Michael). You kick the utmost of ass. The quality of your work, and your commitment to this project give me goosebumps. Let’s take this as far as we can.

The voodoo crowd. The fact that anyone would actually choose to come work for us is moving in and of itself. The fact that they go at it with such passion is downright mindblowing. You know who you are, and you know that I love you for it.

The clients. Without you, no us. Thanks for taking a bet on a small fry agency, and for being open and trusting. You move us forward, and I really hope we do the same for you.

Have a blessed christmas, and we’ll see you guys next year!


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