Letting the product shine

It is no secret that B&O PLAY are among the most important clients we have at Magic People Voodoo People. We have worked with them for almost as long as we have been in business (and some of us for as long as they have), and we continue to give our all in the presentation of their beautiful products.

Websites are usually at the core of our projects for the PLAYful bunch, but film (for web, social and in-store), also plays a major role. Our latest film project for B&O PLAY, revolved (quite literally) around the gorgeous BeoPlay H4, a wireless headphone that truly stands out.


B&O PLAY settled on “UNFILTERED” as the H4 product tagline, and to be true to that concept, we decided to remove the clutter and let the product shine — all on its own. And as B&O PLAY products are consistently beautiful from all angles, it made sense to show the H4 in a slow rotation, only cutting to focus on important details.

We hooked up with Jeppe Sørensen and Anders Ingvartsen — real life magicians in the fields of photography and video — knowing full well, that the video, in all of its simplicity, required very special skills, and in-depth knowledge and experience with the B&O PLAY product range. This was a good choice, as the project required an extensive set-up of lights, cameras, wires, and revolvy-thingys (yes, that’s the technical term). They pulled it all together, and banged out great raw material for the film in record time. It made the editing process smooth and inspiring.

The finished piece was used in stores, on social and on the product website and product page. And the material produced can be put into play in a host of contexts in the future. We believe content should be flexible and future-proof.

We are proud of the result. We think it is true to the product, bold yet unpretentious. We hope you agree.