32 Hour Discoveries — Part 1

“There’s a basic problem with the toilet design..” said a disgruntled Krishnan whose hand was loaded with a deodorant, a toothpaste, towel and a hairbrush. I paused the ipod, cautiously removing the earlock headphones to ask Krishnan what on earth was he talking about, who a while back was smelling like a rotten egg and now looks like he has taken a dip in the pool. All this happening on the speeding train rattling along the tracks to head us back to Pune from Cochin.

“See..when I was in the toilet taking a dump, I discovered the small steel mug that is chained to the tap is not long enough to reach the desired spot after the ‘download’..” I laughed out loud tossing him a high-five asking him to go on.. “…this is major blunder in the train design, whoever has designed it didn’t think of this and didn’t even try experimenting with the implemented design and make the necessary changes…”\

As Krishnan finished his complaint and as he stuffed all things off his loaded hand, I realised what he said was a fact. In my next visit to the toilet I observed, (not researched) that the chain is indeed short and that is the reason why people carry empty (bisleri) water bottles into the toilet. A crazy discovery it is!
It took me 32 hours to reach to Pune on a recent visit from Cochin, thanks to 6332 Mumbai Express; the longest that I have ever travelled in a train in the last 10 years. With Krishnan’s weird discoveries and my rediscoveries, bizarre observations and unthought-of mind distraction techniques decorated the journey with life enriching experiences. Await for more to come in ‘The 32-hour discoveries’…

A post from 2009

This writing is a part of the continuing series of the 32 hour discoveries, where I share the most craziest, funniest and weirdest of experiences. Read the other parts here…


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