Alfredo — Lessons from his life

(Nuevo Cinema Paradiso)

My Sunday ended with me watching my all time favourite movie with my wife and sis — Nuevo Cinema Paradiso, for the second time. It’s the greatest film ever and teaches you one of the biggest life lessons you can ever learn, “Whatever you do, love it like… when you were little.” Every second of the film I could relate to my life and my being, it taught me lessons to face the world, and took me back in time to all those cherished nostalgic moments I would live to die for.

On my second viewing, some landmark scenes in the movie changed the way I think about my family, life, love and work.

Here, an aged and blind Alfredo serves as a wise father figure to his young friend Salvatore (Toto) who only wishes the best to see his Toto succeed, even if it means breaking his own heart in the process. This is what Alfredo advises Toto while seeing him off at the railway station, to inspire him to achieve his dreams…

And this is what Toto, the son converses with his mother, a widower, whom he is meeting after ages while attending Alfredo’s funeral…

(She nods, and then sits down before him. He strokes her old, skinny, heavily veined hands…)

Maria, Toto’s Mother, interrupts.

(Smiling, playing it down)

She smiles like a little girl who is about to confess the fibs she has told, while a startled Toto looks on, …

(Toto listens to his mother’s words, surprised and entranced by the poetry of her way of speaking…)

There’s more to it than these memorable quotes. Also, watch out for Alfredo as he guides young Toto to achieve his dreams and gives him the biggest gift of his life, at his funeral.

By the end of the film you will fall in love the old funny man that Alfredo is and might end up embracing his philosophies of life. that I would be more than a spoilsport if I keep blabbering about this movie; ….this movie needs to be experienced in person.

I hope that’s enough for you to get going and pick your copy of Cinema Paradiso, a legend of a film.

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