Die Pillai Die.

I fear neither death neither dying. It(death) gives me a lot of peace within.

It allows me to be zero and look at what this life has offered me — Birth, parents, emotions, love, failure, success, hate, dreams, silence, talent, ambition, creativity, violence, and more leading its way right unto death.

Getting in the death hole lets me go beyond life, it teaches me, guides me, wrongs me, and rights me. The heart that otherwise offers itself to be explored and exploited, vacuums itself to zero — unscathed and untouched by the vicious society.

My minds’ stronger, thoughts clearer and vision unblurred, as I look up through the death hole.

Death is an experience when someone whom you loved, or who has touched your life decides to embark on the chartered celestial abode. Its like they know where they are heading to.

I pulled over the blanket of death over me inch by inch as they departed. Deaths made me cozy and has given me that solace through sleepless nights and weird dreams. I’ve got my few answers for the countless questions that exist in my head. I’d love to clear them all, as I live to die.

Die Pillai Die. Crazy !

— -

Hi, I’m a music director/composer/producer from India and work for films, television series, television commercials / advertisements, jingles, video games, musicals and concerts. Here through my series of This Life Happens, i intend to share the simplest of stories that I get inspired from, hoping it’ll inspire yours too. 
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