My super foodie, super soul goddess.

This is my fourth day of the ten days of fasting just like my grandmother used to piously do even when she was 74 years plus. Fasting with just water and fruits. It is quite a thing.

Now, age and ill health has kept her away from following the fasting tradition during Navratri. And I’m sure she’s sad she can’t keep up the tradition.

My grandmother a foodie herself and one who loves to feed people, be it anyone and anywhere used to easily slip into the fasting mode for these 10 days and follow it rigorously. I always have admired her spirit for food, family and the almighty. I wish to carry off this spirit of hers for my little daughter to be blessed and have my grandmother in our thoughts always.

I’m dedicating this little act of fasting for the good health and peace for my grandmother — my super foodie, super soul goddess.

Into my 4th day, and I’m loving every bit of it. It feels good when you do something for someone you love, without them ever knowing or noticing… stay blessed!

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