One home in every southern corner

In the last few months, I have been travelling to various parts of southern India and have been getting into a state of daze during and after each visit. By now the people who know me and my media venture Madras Blues would know how fanatically crazy I’m about Chennai aka Madras.

That’s where I spent most of my post graduate years studying and working. Madras has given me everything, my dream, my career and has never failed to inspire me.

Each and every visit to that city I have bought back unexplainable abundance of energy that sustains me through my search for it in my hometown Pune.

Back from a fresh visit to Hyderabad, I fell totally in love with the city. It was my second visit to the city in little over a year’s time, where I experienced the cities subtle culture and energetic vibes. I have felt this strongly about Bangalore too.

On reaching back home whilst sipping a cup of coffee I shared with my wife the thoughts of moving out to either of these southern cities, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai. And then we opened our nostalgic diaries, flipped pages and narrated stories that each of these cities had penned in our head.

Here are a few speckled positive observations I made that should be applicable to all of these cities (read Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad)…

– People are hardworking, honest and humble..
you can’t beat this spirit in any places

– The cleanliness and hygiene factor on the roads and roadsides.
Like this lad working in a Ameerpet tea stall picked up all the paper cups and
litter around his shop all by himself and dumped them in a garbage bin.

– The maintenance of public transport buses.
Not a single bus in either of these cities did I see unauthorised posters
on piles remedy, astrology, English speaking classes or any other fancy adverts.

– The political posters are present in the city, and are only at designated spots in the city.
A year back when I was in Hyderabad I did see a political hoarding near Hyderabad Central flyover, and none in and around that area; this year too I witnessed the same.

– The sumptuous authentic and nutritious food that each city offers.
Idli’s Dosa’s, Aapam, Uthappam, Kal Dosa, Vada, Bonda, Bhajji, Iddiappam partnered by the unavoidable coconut and onion chutneys.

– The unprecedented Cultural Harmony
All speculations and controversy rest to peace about communal discord when
you step into a mall in any of these cities. You can witness the blend of traditionaland contemporary side of each of these cities. I saw young burkha clad girls minglingwith Brahmin boys from their college at KFC in GVK Mall Hyderabad.

– The thattukadda’s (roadside food stalls) that offer you piping hot coffee and tea,
with some amazing array of crispy fresh fried food servings.

– None of these cities display the site of kids , and their elderly folks
lining up along the roadside for emptying their bowels during the different dayparts of a day.

I can go on and on…all said, I love the way these cities spring a pleasant surprise and ensure in making every trip memorable.

If I get doped by these cities with a few more visits in the near future, I might end up buying a small home in each of these cities.

A cup of steaming filter coffee, a bean bag seating giving the view of the amazing Banjara hills in Hyderabad, the evergreen Cubbon park in Bangalore, and the blue and serene Besant Nagar beach in Chennai and talks on life and music with my wife is all that I would want.

I wish, I dream a home in every southern corner…

This post was originally written on on July 9, 2010

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