Spirit of Buddhism and a blocked door

I was invited to this prayer meet by a friend of mine who was practices Buddhism. Cynical and critical, I walked in.

I freaked out initially as the dias was hosting people speaking of how Buddhism and a prayer chanting helped them overcome their troubles. Back to back people took the dias and shared their stories, only to melt me from within.

What I was witnessing was the spirit of human life and a community. A small and simple world of people coming together, sharing their troubles and triumphs and being appreciated for their efforts. Unbiased and unjudged these people filled the room with so much hope, positivity and warmth that any negative spirits can be cleansed.

Irrespective of their faith and beliefs, that day I took home one of my biggest lessons — listen and don’t judge. Just be.

Thanks my friend for opening this blocked door within me.

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