If I Like Trump Am I A Bad Person?

I’ve been hard on Trump supporters, calling them “bad people”. Given the great amount of butt-hurt this seems to have engendered, I’ll try to complexify this idea (“complexify” is perfectly cromulent, so piss off). If you don’t dig complexity, then you can skip to the bottom, where I will reiterate that supporting Trump makes you a bad person.

What makes someone a “good” or “bad” person? Humans have been writing about this since a scribe first sank a reed into a clay tablet. Hillel famously said, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to others. The rest in commentary.” Jesus said something similar.

What most ethics come down to is a recognition of one’s own needs and desires viz-a-viz those of others. Since government is the way we generally impose certain ethics on a society, laws and the people who interpret and enforce them are pretty imporant.

Most liberals and conservatives would agree that freedom and a working economy are good things. It’s in how to achieve these ends that we disagree. Broadly speaking, conservatives prefer a lower-profile government and less economic regulation. Liberals prefer more direct government interventions to help their fellow citizens.

Our representative government allows each of us a voice in how to accomplish our goals of a just society.

Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. In our democracy, we ideally elect representatives that enact laws we favor. We elect a President to lead and to enforce those laws, and to appoint a judiciary to adjudicate those laws. In other words, ours is a government of laws and not of individual leaders.

Trump doesn’t care about laws. He cares about Donald and he cares about power. He has made his contempt for democracy and for the law clear every day. Just read through my previous pieces here. He espouses hate, he encourages violence against dissenters, he has stated disdain for the very laws that make us Americans.

All politicians lie, but Trump lies continuously. You can watch clip after clip on YouTube of him being called out on his lies, with video evidence, and then denying the evidence before him. He calls people who oppose him “agitators” and shows no respect for democracy.

This is not a matter of choosing someone who best represents your political philosophy. Trump is a dangerous, hate-inspiring demagogue, supported by hate groups, whom he refuses to disavow. He is profoundly anti-American and anti-humanist.

Trump is a classic fascist. If you support Trump you are saying, in effect, that the American Constitutional process should take a back seat to the whims and desires of one orange man. While the other candidates have their faults, none have consistently sewn hatred and encouraged violence.

This fall, pick a candidate who represents your political values, but don’t support a hate-filled gas bag with delusions of grandeur.

If you support the KKK, you’re a bad person. If you support Nazis, you’re a bad person. If you support the guy who the KKK and the Nazis endorse, and who tacitly accepts that endorsement, you are also a bad person.


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