Trump Owns the First Amendment

Let’s understand why Donald Trump has not been deprived of his First Amendment rights.

(Context: Tonight, Trump canceled a rally in Chicago as Trump supporters and protestors exercised their First Amendment rights on the grounds of a university. He cited “safety concerns”.)

For shit’s sake, asshole, you’re on an international fucking news network during prime time complaining that you aren’t being heard. Seriously. What does hypocrisy taste like? Does it melt on your tongue like cotton candy?

But he isn’t complaining about his rights. No really. He’s expressing the feelings of his followers: “We are not being heard!” It’s brilliant really. And it’s not getting all X-Files to believe that this day ended exactly as The Donald planned.

Trump’s pie hole is doing plenty of free expressin’. (I’m not going to say “speech” as that implies coherent ideas expressed in words.) He has used this freedom to claim that it has been denied, and to imbue and amplify the same sentiments in his followers. As the film of Trumpers beating protestors under Heir Trump’s approving eye dominates the news, magically the attackers become the victims, the victims the attacker. It’s rhetorical wizardry.

Trump’s Constitutional rights are quite safe. It would take a hundred boys trapped in a hundred wells to wrench the camera’s aim away from Donald Trump.

(Oh, and lest we forget, if you aren’t speaking out against Trump, whether it’s to a friend over beer or on twitter, you are a bad person. Really. That’s not supposed to be funny. You need introspection. You need to listen to other voices. You need help.)