How to Restore Your Pokemon Go Account After the Reset

Avoid the suffering. There’s an easier way to sort through this, and it worked for me and all my friends.

When I started playing Pokemon Go, the first thing I noticed was that it had glitches. A ton of glitches. Like, who on earth would play a game like this?!? It had a screwed up tracking system, crashes, freezes — the whole works. This made the app itself terribly unusable, and many players prayed for the day that an update would fix it. Yet, yesterday an update did appear. A shining cloud of downloaded software that could hold the gifts that millions hoped for. And then, we got this crap.

Okay, well, maybe it’s not a totally useless update. I mean, it did fix a few of the glitches and updated the UI a little bit, but the major hopes were not answered. Not only was the “three step” glitch not answered, the feature was totally removed instead of being repaired.

The main throw-off for the users of Pokemon Go, however, came with a supposed “reset” of all data in the game. All of the progress players had made in the three weeks since release seemed to be erased. When opened, the application was back to the starter tutorial, and all caught pokemon were missing. This, thankfully, is not a major problem to fix because the data is still stored — it just needs to be re-accessed.

All one must do to restore their player to their former glory is delete the app and reinstall. Then, upon launch, set your birthdate to the EXACT SAME day as it was when you first set it. Select “Sign in with Google” and login with the same account as you first did. (It needs to be the same one, as it didn’t work for me using another.) Then, after submitting, the app should load the cloud data for a second. At the completion of this, you will be able to use the app as you did before — with all your pokemon to boot.

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