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Intimidating Intelligence

Is intelligence really that necessary? Isn’t it overwhelming?

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

That’s the big question. Please listen carefully: Is intelligence a necessity or a surplus? It’s a billion dollar question so make sure you don’t get it wrong. I have no idea why but I certainly have the impression that we all crave for it — as if the more intelligent you are — the more superpowers you have. Isn't that ridiculous? An absurd thought if you ask me.

It’s it the nº1 filter used to judge people. “Are you actually discriminating people? How dare you. Your an abomination to mankind. Please, for heaven’s sake, stop labelling people, I personally do not find this fair at all.” “Are you fit for the position or are you not fit enough?” Are we playing the game that we used to play as children? Is it “Where is Charlie” turned to reality? We all want to recruit the most intelligent people on planet earth to change the world, to end world hunger, to control to make profits, to change France, Italy, Vietnam, China, The United States of America or even Brazil while we're at it. Why bother with all that?

Ladies & Gentleman, in this article, I shall prove to you that intelligence is not necessary at all. It is more of a handicap than an advantage!

We can learn so much from the animal kingdom. Don’t you think so? If it wasn’t for them, we, the so called humans, a derivative of the humanoids, would not even exist. The animals are our friends and if you do not agree with me, I’ll silence you to death. I’m being sarcastic but I still mean it!

“Tom, the rumour has it that one of the best animals to have survived well since the beginning of life is the jellyfish” affirmed John so diligently. “It has adapted so appropriately. It is so noble and has barely changed since the beginning of time. It is what I call stable yet progressive growth.” It’s a decent animal he screamed!

I am in love with the Jellyfish

And the reason is extremely straightforward: The jellyfish is a very simple animal. Dancing is within them. It’s like a ballet. Breath in-Breath out and they're done. It's like our hearts. Their heart is a ballet. And then, they have no real consciousness, they just go with the flow. No complications, no questions asked. We should learn a great deal from them.

Live the no-conscious life. Be a jellyfish. Make it simple.

Intelligent people are intimidating. It’s absolutely horrific. They look at you with these eyes round open full of mystical sacredness — the typical eyes that are ready to demonize you. I have strictly no idea why — and trust me, I wish I did know the secret, but they make it seem as if they were the masters, they were the real teachers. They become awefully arrogant. It’s stressful and exhausting. I think it is really scary.

I do not like intelligent people as they are not inviting. They tend to feel superior and are awfully arrogant. Too much pragmatism comes along and it gets extremely boring. Your work has no attitude and no personality. It’s a total disaster! A disaster beyond normality!

That is why I prefer naïve people. Deep down, I believe that naïve people are more inviting, are friendlier and make it engaging. They are like adults that found the remedy not to grow up! Isn't that fabulous? They found a way to a successful life! They found the way to connect with their inner chid, their inner core. They are thankful, grateful and joyful. Simply put, they allow everything to be a two way street and still giggle about it.

You become a teddy bear. But a sunny one — A boiling one. A groovy teddy bear that makes a ton of clumsy yet honest mistakes. And they are adorable because of their naive eyes!

So, Ladies & Gents, please engage in a power transfer: all your brain energy, transfer it to the stomach and the heart so you can become the naïve and accepting teddy bear that makes clumsy yet honnest mistakes. Never forget the tale of the JellyFish. Go with the flow, make your heart a ballet!




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