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Dreams and Stories

One day I will live in theory, because in theory, everything works.

What on earth are you talking about? Be more practical please.

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

We all know what theory is , don’t we? Theory is the land where beauty is absolutely everywhere. It’s universal, just like a bubble. Mischiveous loveliness. We all know that there is no real uncertainty, all of it works out so smoothly just like skiing on powder snow. Is it butter or flower? Honey mixed with chocolate perhaps. Who on earth knows? We just know that it feels good, no questions asked.

Theory Works wonders. Theory is beautiful. Theory is attractive. Theory is handsome. What else do you want?

This theory land of yours is so rational when you think about it. It makes perfect sense. A + B will always equal C. The sum of of the angles in a triangle will always equal 180º. Is it geometry? It might be trigonometry. Like mathematics, it becomes a mathematic life that’s never wrong. Never ever.

Theory Land is like La La Land. Ready to dance your ass off to the mathematic’s rhythm?

It’s geometry and trigonometry combined! A life full of squares, of tringles and even circles and trapezoids. It’s hyper physics! Mega physics turned to infinity! Formulas, vectors, equations absolutely everywhere! You might get exited and I truly get it, theory really works but nevertheless, my minds works bonkers now. Thank you so very much.

Hyperphisics = Infinity & Beyond.

“Master, I love your world. It sounds so inviting, so promising and very mystical. I’d like to experience it myself if you’d let me inside your mind. Care to let me in? I won’t be too much of a nuisance, I promise. Please Let me in.”

“Yes please. Come on board, do not hesitate. Do come in! I want to onboad people, I need an army to join my ship. You’ll see, it’s purely rational, it’s a magnificent world, everything makes sense. It’s highly logical. Decently cartesian and to make it simple, it just works. Like Melody Nelson, being part of a melody. No real rules, you can’t resist not being happy and proud. It’s ecstasy taken to the extremes. You’ll play an active role. You are an element of the equation, you are The Element. So, for heavens sake, Please do come into my mind, the door is open.

Together, we’ll become master of the universe.
Please live in theory because in theory, everything works.



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