It’s Halfway Through February And I Haven’t Even Written My First Post Of 2017 Yet!

I have been a little distracted…

I have moved to the South!

The uni season is in full swing, the club off-season is coming to an end, mixed teams are preparing for tour in April, the top women’s and men’s teams are finishing up their trials — and I have finally moved to Surrey and properly started work!

I’m not going to pretend that I have been particularly engaged with ultimate over the past few months (what with having boring real life problems to worry about) so this post is simply going to be a collection of links to things which have managed to catch my eye. I imagine you have probably seen all of these things anyway, but enjoy nonetheless!

AUDL Mixed

So this is happening:

Should be an interesting game to watch, and hopefully will have a positive impact on mixed and women’s ultimate in the states.

Cat Phillips In The AFL

Cat Phillips, one of the best ultimate players in Australia, got drafted into the first season the Women’s AFL and did this:

Supporting Women In Ultimate

This article by Jeff Babbitt went viral:

The New Tour Structure

UKU have announced the events schedule for this year — including the North and South B and C tours. There is some discussion about his on reddit:

The suggestion by /u/Paddy-90 is to have the mixed season alongside the single gender season with fewer tournaments. I like the idea of this but I’m am a little worried that there aren’t enough women playing ultimate in the UK to make this feasible. Women’s Tour is tiny compared to the Men’s division and most mixed teams have at least some trouble getting enough women to all the mixed tours. I am interested to see how the new Tour structure will work out this year though.

And Don’t Forget That The Rules Have Changed!

Here are the new rules:

And an explanation from Rueben himself, sporting the wonderful green GA jersey: