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This Week in Dystopia is a new podcast hosted by Christopher Robichaud, Harvard Kennedy School Senior Lecturer. A podcast of politics, theory, and pop culture, This Week in Dystopia, brings commentary from the halls of Harvard to everyone's headphones.
Note from the editor

This Week in Dystopia was launched in response to a perceived crisis of liberal democracy. Where did we get the idea there’s a crisis of liberal democracy? Listen to episode one of the show for host Christopher Robichaud’s full explanation. Since the launch, we’ve been on a journey, talking to experts about problems and promises of democracy. How does dis-information affect our democracy? Do cyber attacks threaten our political infrastructure? Can we all just get along? It’s our goal to leave out the hand-ringing that accompanies a majority of social commentary. We’re not perfect, we worry, but we try to include a healthy dose of hope. New guests, from anywhere on the political spectrum, are welcome. Have an idea for a future episode? Comment on a Medium post, tweet at us, or message us on Facebook. You can also get in touch with the show’s producer, Sarah Grucza, at Sarah_Grucza@hks.harvard.edu.

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A podcast about the promise and perils of democracy, hosted by Christopher Robichaud, Harvard Kennedy School Senior Lecturer.