This week in Google Cloud — “Deployment Manager, Cloud IAP, Ruby, and Video API demo source code”

There’s more about Deployment Manager this week, this time to automate GCP project creation. This includes setting up billing, IAM, enabling APIs, and more.

Pub/Sub notification for Cloud Storage is now in beta, integrates with Cloud Functions, and opens up data pipeline architectures.

For the rubyists around, Aja has a state of Ruby on GCP. This includes how App Engine flex now supports the top 1000 Ruby libraries, different versions of Ruby and Rails, and now offers new GCP Gems.

Announced at Cloud Next ’17, Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy is discussed in greater details in this post. It offers a simple way to protect HTTPs web applications by defining simple access policies instead of setting up VPNs. The technology is based on BeyondCorp which is extensively used at Google and detailed in a previously-published paper.

The Video Intelligence API was announced at Cloud Next ’17 and demoed towards the end of the Day #1 keynote. Here’s now the source code for this slick demo.

Tracking user behavior across the web and on mobile can be achieved by configuring Firebase analytics (mobile) and Google Analytics 360 (web) to use BigQuery and is discussed in this very detailed post.

There was plenty of Machine Learning and Tensorflow over on the Google Research Blog :

This week’s GCP Podcast episode #72 is a discussion with Luke Stone about Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE).

GCP elsewhere in the interwebs :

This week’s screenshot is taken from Sara Robinson’s post sharing the code for the Video Intelligence API demo at Next ’17 :

That’s it for this week!