Over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned my trip to New York for the O’Reilly AI Conference. While there, I sat down with a bunch of great guests for interviews. The result is our O’Reilly AI NY podcast series — 5 shows from the conference, all being released today, for your binge listening pleasure!

The series includes conversations with:

  • Naveen Rao and Hanlin Tang from Intel Nervana, in which we discuss Intel’s market position and aspirations in AI, as well as the recent launch of version 2.0 of their Neon deep learning framework and their new Nervana Graph project.
  • Doug Eck of Google Brain, with whom I talk about the intersection of AI and Art in general, and Google’s Performance RNN project in particular, which was demonstrated for the first time at the conference.
  • Ben Vigoda of Gamalon, who I chatted with about probabilistic programming. This one I think is Nerd Alert worthy.
  • Reza Zadeh of Matroid, about how his company is scaling video object detection.
  • Rana el Kaliouby of Affectiva, about how her company uses emotional AI to allow brands to better measure the effectiveness of customer experiences.

Each of the shows has its own show notes page, which you’ll find links to below. Of course, as always, we love your comments, feedback and suggestions, which you can leave below, or on the notes page for each specific show.

Thanks to Our Sponsor

A big thank you to Intel Nervana, who is supporting this podcast series. I’m very grateful to them for helping make this series possible, and I’m excited about the cool stuff they launched at the O’Reilly AI conference, including the Neon framework and Nervana Graph announcements. Be sure to check them out at intelnervana.com, and let them know via Twitter @IntelNervana how much you appreciate their support of the podcast.

TWiML Talk #31 — Intel Nervana Update + Productizing AI Research — Naveen Rao & Hanlin Tang, Intel Nervana

TWiML Talk #32 — Expressive AI-Generated Music with Performance RNN — Doug Eck, Google Brain

TWiML Talk #33 — The Power of Probabilistic Programming — Ben Vigoda, Gamelon

TWiML Talk #34 — Video Object Detection at Scale — Reza Zadeh, Matroid

TWiML Talk #35 — Enhancing Customer Experiences with Emotional AI — Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva

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