This week on Product Hunt (September 5-September 11)

This is the 32th edition of This week on Product Hunt — a collection of my favorite products on Product Hunt each week.

September 5

Plottable.js— Flexible, interactive charts for the web.
Omnicharge — Smart & compact portable power bank.
Snaggy — Share screenshots across the web with a single click.
Designer Emojis — Vector emojis for designers.
Emoji CSS — Add Emoji’s to your website.
docs2epub— Get your favorite docs as eBooks.

September 6

Startup Pitch Decks— Real decks from real startups that raised over $400M.— AI powered assistant that dials into calls and takes notes.
The Headphone by Bragi — Truly wireless earphones.
Neuron — Teaching machines to learn.
LyteSpark — Host online meetings in your own branded room.
Hello by Solaborate— Transforms any TV into a cross-platform communication device.
Avast Passwords for Mac— Free password manager from Avast.

September 7

iPhone 7— Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7+.
Apple AirPods— Wireless earphones from Apple.
Apple Watch Series 2— The new Apple Watch.
PromoRepublic for Buffer— Daily content ideas for your Buffer posts.
Bubblestore — Ready-made templates to build apps without code on Bubble.
Squire— Discover & book the best Barbers in your city.

September 8

AccessURL— Share access to accounts without sending a username/password.
Fidget Cube— An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy.
UI/UX Assets — Curated UI kits, wireframes, templates, icons and more.
Diverse UI— Diverse representations of people for your mockups.
Remote Work Stash— Curated directory of remote jobs, books & tools.
teleconsole — Share your terminal in seconds.

September 9

Café Wifi— Share cafés and their Wi-Fi speeds — w/ Foursquare check-ins
Scripted 2.0— Content marketing powered by freelance writers.
TheRightMargin — A smart writing app built for writers, by writers.
Referred Club — Automatically use and share referral links for free stuff.
Gyroscope Sleep AI — Automatically track your sleep each night!

September 10

Materia— Build advanced mobile and web applications.
Modsy— Visualize furniture in your home without lifting a finger.
Evabot for Slack — Send coffee/beer as an appreciation gift to colleague.
Courage — Never lose your AirPods again. Strap on a pair!

September 11

USB Killer — This USB drive will kill your compute.
Sign and Send — Sign a document online and have it physically sent.’
Emoji React— Add Emoji reactions to any webpage

Let me know your favorite hunts on Product Hunt from last week.

Until next week, Au Revoir!