Fastest growing sport in New Zealand? The journey continues

With the Secondary Schools equivalent recently wrapping up in Wellington, the New Zealand National University Championships hit Christchurch amongst a furore of support — this was the moment where futsal would reinforce the sensational progress it has made.

Futsalwhite Luc Saker (L) moves with the ball during the recent National Futsal University Championships in Christchurch

The game is one of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand and more than 30 million people play worldwide. During 2015, New Zealand National Team captain Marvin Eakins detailed the exponential development of our new national game on a local basis.

“In 2011, there was 5000 people that were involved in futsal in all aspects… now we’ve got over 55,000.”

And it’s all down to the incredible hard work of one man.

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