Mexican Detox

A few weeks ago, I told Luciano that I’d realized he hadn’t really talked about rehab, for this story.

I told him I thought it might be an important part of the story to tell, and maybe we ought to backtrack. My mentioning it was spurred by a book I was reading: Clean, by David Sheff — which was giving me all sorts of things to think about, and which I was hoping to be able to talk to Luciano about. (Sheff has interesting and insightful…




This Is Your Marriage On Drugs is a memoir of marriage, mental illness and methamphetamine and is co-written by Stephanie Rosenfeld and Luciano Colonna.

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L. Colonna & S. Rosenfeld

L. Colonna & S. Rosenfeld

Luciano Colonna and Stephanie Rosenfeld live in Salt Lake City. They are working on a memoir about marriage, methamphetamine, and mental illness.

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