A place for every thing.

Imagine every thing in one place. All the things that humanity has ever made, throughout time: all of the objects of existence stored in one place, permanently accessible. A storage site where any thing can be easily found, reviewed, even recreated.

Material things are volatile, unstable,
and eventually cease to exist.

The disappearance of things is the disappearance of objective information. It is necessary to maintain things, as they are the physical memory of mankind. However, the physical preservation of all objects is not possible. Humans need a new storage format that will extend the life of thing’s information, if not their physical substance.

Each thing tells us a story. It saves and accumulates structural information. We can learn what it is, who made it, when it was made, and how. A thing is a unit of physical information, an ideal container of objective information. In saving the information that thing provides us, we save the essence of the thing itself.

To prevent the loss of objective information we propose a new home place for all objective information and media about things that humankind produced, Noah arc for objective world.

Thngs is an online service for the storage of all objects in digital form.

The basis of the Thngs system is time, and the unit of this system is a thing. A timeline runs from the oldest thing ever made (that we know of), up till very latest. We provide our contributors tools for adding things to fill in the void of the timeline.

Any thing, with its properties, description, specifications, media and files, can be uploaded into this system by producers, museums, collectors, designers, or other enthusiasts. The Thngs teams has implemented special data controls and content review, which makes Thngs a reliable source of object information.

Cognition of a thing is the knowledge of its properties and its relationships with other things. Each property becomes a tag. A thing’s correlation with other objects can be viewed by any tag on a timeline. A variety of things can be structured by common characteristics: author, trademark, materials, location where made, etc.

Attached information and media along with files for 3D printing, schemes, instructions or assembly guides will provide possibilities for the re-creation of things — the transformation from digital form back into the physical.

Thngs is an online service for the storage of all objects in digital form. An innovative technology to preserve things, a unique research tool, and a source of recreational exploration. It is a safe place, where objective data is being stored with permanent public access. It is a common melting pot of knowledge which anyone can operate for his own non-commercial needs.

Thngs is a place for everything. Every thing.

Thngs will be presented at FutureEverything Festival
in Manchester February 25–28th, 2015, as part of a UK/Russia Cultural Exchange supported by the British Council.

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