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A story of a coin.

Photo by Joey Kyber from Pexels

Someday, somewhere in a coin factory, millions of coins are made throughout the year. However our story today will be focusing on one of them.

Our hero today is called Dinar, or as some may refer to it as “Danous”. It is a silver coin that everybody lusts for. Born from a blend of a variety of metals, fused to form one alloy. Then, stamped to take its unmistakable shape. While waiting to meet its first owner, our hero stays in storage until it becomes mature enough to face the tough reality of life.

The time comes and Danous has been given permission to leave the central bank’s premises. It is time for that meeting with our first friend. A banker in his late 30’s, giving away “Danous” as part of the change from a transaction that a 50 years-old businessman did. He knew that his journey with the old man won’t be that long because hey, businessmen never use coins in their daily lives. Because of that our businessman decided to throw Mr. D up in the air so that it landed on a beggar’s hand. From this point forward, Danous left his fancy life and went on to discover the harsh reality. From expensively lined pockets to a dirty handkerchief placed on the floor and waiting for the other compatriots to join. It’s harsh, ain’t it?

Moving on from hand to hand, from pockets to purses, from purses to cashiers’ boxes. Sometimes during such a journey it falls off on pavements and in gardens waiting for someone to come and save Danous. It’s definitely not easy to be a coin. like who said it ever was?

Danous didn’t have the power to decide its future, accepting its fate of living in the darkness of tiny little pockets with others of its siblings. Time flies by and its distinctive shape starts to fade. It is getting old. It became a simple rounded silver something that people use to buy another something.

Its indeed a sad story, but why don’t we act and save the likes of Danous by providing them a safe and secure way to live their lives? How? Mobile wallets. Its the only way that makes both parties happy, Danous and You. It is safe for both of you.

Mobile payments and online transactions are like sending a chauffeur to our friend Danous so that he transports him from person A to B in absolute security. It stays fit and handsome and you get your stuff done. It’s as simple as that.

It is time to save Danous and move on to update our payment systems in Tunisia. We have the will and we have the people to do this, we just need to unleash what we already have.

Danous, fintech is here to save you, please don’t lose hope.

#theJungleCREW #SAVEDanous




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