Bye Pokémon Go

When I heard that some friends already joining Pokémon Go bandwagon, I was tempted to this game developed by Niantic. It’s a huge hit. Even it’s not yet internationally available — but it gains the popularity among internet users in my country, Indonesia.

I have been playing for some times, just to get the initial impression of this game. It’s fun, it’s funny, and one of the factors that it keep ‘disturb’ me is that everyone is talking about it. Congrats, Pokemon Go!

I follow the news and how Pokémon changes the game — and sometime’s people behaviors.

But, I decide to uninstall this game. Just now. Why? Don’t get me wrong, Pokémon Go is a great game.

  1. I like playing games. I still have Crossy Road, Swing, Stack, and some puzzle games on my devices. So, based on my preference, I think Pokemon is not for me.
  2. On personal note, I prefer to see my surrounding just as it is. I feel that I see my phone screen rather than how the traffic, feeling the atmosphere, listening to the vehicles or people talking.
  3. On my daily basis I feel that there are things that I consider as more important or enjoyable rather than gluing my eyes to my phone screen.

So, bye Pokémon Go.



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