Ledger Live and Thor Swap Announce New Partnership

On November 24th 2018, Thor Swap was referenced on Ledger Live, the crypto wallet developed by the world’s leading hard wallet devices and solutions provider Ledger. Ledger Live’s users will now have a direct link to Thor Swap to safely and instantly buy and sell 40+ crypto-assets. Thor Swap’s Flash mode leverages on decentralized atomic swaps to let users buy and sell ERC20 tokens within one minute. Transactions with other tokens such as BTC, EOS or LTC are processed using Standard mode.

Ledger Live is actively seeking for solutions to enhance its users’ experience by providing more services. Thor Swap has developed an easy-to-use account-free swap service and is happy to make its innovative technology available to Ledger Live to increase the number of trading options for Ledger Live’s users.

Security is of paramount importance for all crypto investors and it is the prime focus of Ledger and Thor Swap. Ledger has successfully developed hardware solutions to keep crypto investors private keys safe from hacking. Thor Swap focused on the security of crypto-to-crypto transactions. Its decentralized atomic swap solutions work without crypto investors sending any funds under custody nor exposing their private keys. The transactions are securely completed by audited smart contracts without any need for third party involvement.

Ledger and Thor Swap already offer the best solution for users seeking full security to hold and trade their crypto-assets. But Thor Swap and Ledger want to do more and have engaged in discussions to deepen further their collaboration and provide even more user-friendly and secured solutions to the ecosystem. Join our telegram groups to receive the latest news.

About Ledger:

Ledger develops security and infrastructure solutions for crypto-assets as well as blockchain applications for individuals and companies by leveraging a distinctive, proprietary technology. It has released two types of wallets, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. Both hardware wallets provide high security cryptocurrency management based on its BOLOS system. Integrated with the EAL 5+ certified secure chip, Ledger wallet ensures it’s almost impossible to be hacked. With Ledger Live, an all-in-one companion app to Ledger devices, users can manage all of your secure crypto-assets in one simple-to-use application with truly powerful tools inside. You can easily manage up to 18 crypto assets, including sending and receiving in Ledger Live.

About Thor Swap

Thor Swap is the leading decentralized instant crypto swap platform developed by Thor Network. Thor Swap developed innovative decentralized exchange solutions based on its ASN technology to enhance the performance of existing DEXs and bring disruptive changes to the digital asset exchange industry. Thor Swap account-free and custodian-free platform offers outstanding price-competitive services thanks to its decentralized atomic swap technology and reserve pool model. Users can swap cryptos under truly decentralized conditions making Thor Swap the most secure way to trade crypto assets.

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