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$100m in BEP2 Projects to Join BEPSwap

Over $100m in project value is committed to joining BEPSwap on launch.

The five Launch Partners

The THORChain team is pleased to announce that over $100m in projects have committed to the BEPSwap launch. This is extremely exciting for the ecosystem since it means a strong, liquid and secure launch for BEPSwap and Launch Project token holders.

$RUNE will be staked alongside each token in each pool, serving as the settlement currency that links all pools. Due to the mathematical pricing of the pools, the total value of tokens staked must always equal the total value of the staked $RUNE.

Launch Projects

Launch Projects were selected for being highly engaged in the Binance Chain ecosystem, with strong communities and liquid tokens. This will ensure the launch goes smoothly.

1) Bolt

Bolt is building an ecosystem of users, partners, and content creators, in order to bring best-in-class digital services to emerging markets. Bolt will become a medium of choice for high-quality, informational and hyper-local content for content creators and consumers all around the world.

2) Ankr

Ankr is a distributed computing platform that aims to leverage idle computing resources in data centers and edge devices. What Ankr enables is a Sharing Economy model where enterprises and consumers can monetize their spare computing capacities from their devices, on-premise servers, private cloud and even public cloud. This enables Ankr to provide computing power much closer to users at a much cheaper price.

3) Fantom

Fantom is known as the “nervous system for smart cities”. Fantom is a DAG-based distributed ledger incorporating new methods of scalability, combined with a high-performance virtual machine and safe, secure smart contract execution.

FANTOM DAG platform is uniquely positioned to become the IT infrastructure backbone for smart cities. With the ability to collect large quantity high speed data transmission with scalable solutions across multiple smart city service providers. By 2020 it is estimated that smart cities will have 90 Billion IoT devices sending data that needs to be stored securely whilst also being accessible to stakeholders for smart city data-driven smart contracts and Dapplication

4) TomoChain

TomoChain is built on a performance layer that achieves high transaction speeds without compromising decentralization. TomoChain uses an innovative consensus method called POSv (Proof of Stake Voting) which gives an incentive to all TomoChain token-holders to play an active part in staking across a network of 150 high-quality masternodes, and to monitor their performance and governance actively. Its staking-governance dapp, TomoMaster, is recognized as one of the leading staking platforms in the industry.

5) Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a universal cryptocurrency wallet, letting its users manage their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 300 other coins and tokens in a single interface. Atomic Wallet also lets users exchange your assets via a non-custodial atomic swap with decentralized order book — built into the platform.


Since being announced on 10 July 2019, BEPSwap has seen strong momentum in the Binance Chain community. Five strong projects have signed up to be part of the launch.

Launch projects will experience the following benefits:

  • THORChain will acquire off the market projects tokens between now and the launch in order to bootstrap the launch pools.
  • THORChain and Launch Partners will work together to promote the ecosystem, including potentially integrations into the project ecosystems such as wallet.
  • Launch Projects will be able to stake some parts of their treasury into the pool to offer even more liquidity to their token holders.
  • Launch Project token holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to earn on trade commissions every day.
The upcoming BEPSwap interface

Road to Launch

BEPSwap is on track launch into Public Testing by late August. It will be secured by ~11 validators managing a statechain that observes Binance Chain Threshold Signatures addresses. Users will be able to swap, stake and withdraw earnings in seconds, without ever having to leave the Binance Chain ecosystem.

The team will be signing up another 5 projects, targetting at least $250m in project value for launch.

THORChain Update

THORChain will be conducting its Initial DEX Offering on Binance DEX at 0800 UTC 20 July 2019.

Read the announcement here:

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