Announcing BEPSwap — DeFi on Binance Chain

Instantly swap and stake BNB and other BEP2 Assets.

Jul 10 · 3 min read

10 July 2019: THORChain Announces BEPSwap — Swap and Stake BEP2 Assets

BEPSwap is THORChain’s first go-to market liquidity pool platform, and can be described as UniSwap for Binance Chain. UniSwap is one of Ethereum’s killer DeFi dapps with over $21m staked and $2m in volume daily.

BEPSwap will have the following features:

Token User: Instantly swap assets in your wallet, or swap and send them to a friend at market prices.
Token Holders: Stake tokens in liquidity pools and earn commissions on every trade.
Traders: Monitor pool prices and earn by trading the pools to correct prices.
Projects: Connect to BEPSwap to allow your token holders to instantly swap in and out of assets whilst using your DApp. Stake your treasury to instantly give your token deep liquidity and earn the trading fees.

Technical Details

BEPSwap will gain security from a byzantine fault tolerant network of THORChain validators managing assets in Binance Chain pools secured by threshold signatures. Assets never leave Binance Chain and users will be able to use existing BEP2 wallets, including Trust Wallet and the Ledger Nano to swap.

A more detailed technical overview of the platform and its performance and security characteristics will be published soon. Swaps will be executed on-chain in around a second.

BEPSwap will be permissionless, allowing anyone or any DApp to swap tokens at market prices that are resistant to manipulation. Anyone will be able to add their own BEP2 pool and bootstrap liquidity. For more details on how the swapping and staking works, read up on THORChain’s research on continuous liquidity pools.


BEPSwap will be limited to just BEP2 Assets, but will use the same key technology that will power THORChain and the future ASGARDEX platform. ASGARDEX will allow users to stake and swap Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and more. THORChain mainnet is scheduled for 2020.


The interface is clean, simple and easy to use. There will also be an API for traders to connect their bots for fast arbitrage across pools.

A preview of the interface
Swap tokens instantly
Stake any BEP2 asset

THORChain will be debuting BEPSwap to testnet in the next 6–8 weeks and are looking for high quality BEP2 teams to be launch partners.

Launch partners will get an exclusive 4–6 week period to be co-marketed with the platform, allowing their token holders to stake their assets in liquidity pools and earn on trades. They will also have their coin featured as a “BASE ASSET” allowing swaps to/from their token. THORChain will also purchase their tokens off the market to bootstrap liquidity in their pools.

Contact the THORChain team today to get a demo and discuss details.

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