ATOM Trading Live on THORChain Mainnet

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3 min readJul 28, 2022


Successful integration of ATOM to THORChain Mainnet connects native asset liquidity to the Cosmos Hub. Trading and liquidity additions for the ATOM-RUNE pool are now available.

The integration of ATOM on THORChain Mainnet marks a new milestone towards the vision of achieving a multichain future.

Cosmos is an ecosystem of application specific blockchains that can communicate with each other through a protocol called IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol). Instead of making a single L1 as fast as possible through ZK-rollups or other scaling solutions, Cosmos off-loads dApps to their own blockchains and allows the blockchains to communicate. This frees up block space and leads to low transaction fees even in peak trading periods.

In total there are currently 265 dApps and services in the Cosmos ecosystem, with key chains including Osmosis, the largest DEX in Cosmos, Secret Network, an L1 with customizable privacy, and Juno Network, an interoperable smart contract network. ATOM is the staking token of the Cosmos Hub, the central chain of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Soon, new blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem will be able to use the Cosmos Hub for security, adding value accrual to ATOM as the Cosmos ecosystem expands.

The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) integration will bridge the burgeoning Cosmos ecosystem to the native asset liquidity on THORChain. Users can seamlessly exchange ATOM for a range of supported blockchains including BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, LTC, and BCH as well as ERC-20 and BEP-2 assets.

The integration builds on the considerable shared history between the THORChain and Cosmos ecosystems. THORChain was created with Cosmos-SDK and although THORChain does not utilize IBC transfers, the ecosystems share a common goal of facilitating decentralization and interoperability in the crypto industry. Cosmos’ vision for an “Internet of Blockchains” aligns closely with THORChain’s aim in achieving an interoperable multichain future.

The launch of ATOM on THORChain Mainnet marks another milestone in this pioneering, community driven roadmap to the multichain, paving the way for Inter-Blockchain Community enabled (IBC) assets to connect to a variety of native assets via THORChain. With additional assets such as AVAX to be integrated on THORChain in the coming months, the future of the multichain looks bright.


Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is live for swapping and liquidity provision on THORChain. Since integration, the pool has accumulated over $2m of liquidity.

Frontend Interfaces and Wallets

Users can add liquidity or make a swap at their THORChain frontend of choice:

Wallets with ATOM and RUNE Support:

Wallets with ATOM and RUNE Support



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